Improving our brainpower since 1993

With a staff counting 54, some joining our company over 15 years ago, we have established a genuine, solid team of skilled engineers and operative personnel. We value performance, practical thinking and time-definite solutions, and what we earn from our employees we offer back to our clients.

Since 1993, two generations of engineers have been improving our company’s brainpower, flexibility and metal processing expertise.

Today, we are focused on improving service levels, accelerating delivery and reducing transportation costs. These are the people who better our business everyday.

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Frequently Asked

We provide custom metal parts and metal processing services for Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Naval, Packaging, Steel and Heavy Industry companies.

Most probably yes. We hold a plentiful, diverse stock of raw materials at our primary production plant.

Yes, we speak German, English, French and Romanian. Our technicians and engineers are well trained with technical terms and precise understanding of any specific business inquiry.

If you have an urgent matter on weekend days, please address it via Skype: florinmun

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